What’s that sound??

I was driving Nora to school yesterday morning and I noticed that the car was unusually loud. It wasn’t super loud, just more than normal. Once we turned down her street I heard a crash and as I drove a horrific scraping sound! What?! I knew… The muffler had fallen off! Not completely of course, but just enough to turn heads!

I take Nora in to school and immediately call Jason because I know he is across the street at the office and I can’t drive to school with it like that! I was to be in Plant City in half an hour! He of course wanted me to drive across the street for him to look at it, even though I TOLD him it was scraping and ridiculously loud! I finally got him to come to me and he reaches under and pulls OFF the muffler and sticks it in the bed of his truck. I am laughing. Not because it is funny, but because I am sooo embarassed! Seriously?

I am hoping in my heart of hearts that he will just drive me to school because I KNOW what a car sounds like without a muffler-LOUD, and I don’t especially like to draw attention to myself in the blackender Kia. So Jason yells at me. Something he doesn’t do very often which hurt my feelings and made me so mad at him! “He doesn’t have TIME to drive me around blah blah blah!” Fine! I’ll drive around in this wretched thing! I’ll be the ghetto girl going to school and picking up my child from daycare! Whatever dude.

SO that’s what I do. Jason orders me another muffler (bless him for taking care of me because it’s $100!) which is hopefully here today and will be fixed tonight…maybe. If not I’ll just continue to drive around hoping to not get pulled over because I am pretty sure that it’s illegal to drive without a muffler. I have school tonight, but thankfully Jason is letting me borrow the truck to drive to Ybor. Otherwise I would have a splitting headache when I got to school!

For the last three semesters at the very beginning something has happened with the car. Something to make me crazy or have to get a ride from Jason worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish the semester. Not having a muffler isn’t that bad, but I wonder if something like this happens to every student?

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  1. My friend Ginnette wrote on Facebook about how her car is falling apart with leaks, bad tires, and loose front end, and no money. I’m sure it happens all too often.

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