Whitewater rafting

Here we go!
Here we go!

On our last trip to North Carolina; Charley, Sheena, Amber, Jason and I all went whitewater rafting. I don’t think any of us have ever been and we were all very excited! Our river guide’s name was Patrick, which I thought was hilarious, but I think the funny was lost on the others. It had been raining almost the entire time, so the river was pretty high making it a category 1-3. It was so cold. The water would splash up a little on the sides and I would totally scream in surprise. I had this delirious moment thinking I might not get wet since I was in the middle. Ha! It was pretty tame for most of the ride down river. We had a couple of Duckies following us which are inflatable kayak’s for the very brave. One inexperienced duck fell out twice and we had to pull over the last time (not easy in a gigantic raft!) to wait for him and give him back his tugboat. He had a wetsuit on which I learned only works if it is wet, so it is a little bit ironic that he fell out and the other dude in swim trunks stayed high and dry. Anyway. We got almost to the end and had to get out to scout the falls. Exactly. A flippin’ (though smallish) waterfall we would be going over. Topnot is what he called it which basically means right through the middle. If we didn’t paddle hard all the way through we would flip, yay! So, we were good students and paddled most of the way. BRRR!

You can’t even see me! I am covered in waterfall! It was the best part of the whole ride. A perfect end to a lovely (freezing!) afternoon. I think us girls were practically hypothermic towards the end. Let’s go again!!

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