Who I want to be

I really enjoy my life, even as stressful as it is. I have a list of Blogs of strangers whom I visit and read fun things about their lives. I do not know them personally, but still would like to be like them in some ways.

A montage of movies comes to mind of women or men who sit in a cubby all day with pictures of tropical islands or the one thing they are interested in, but will never do like lion training. They are frumpy and boring and picturing them lion training is somewhat comical.

Though I do not sit in a cubby all day daydreaming of what I would do “if”, I do yearn to be a little different. It is not that I am incapable of these attributes, it is just that I am in a different season. I know the time for the things I would like to be doing will come. As I wait patiently balancing between mommy now and mommy then when I see others producing I feel a little tug at my heart.