Will you marry me?

When we went to NC I told myself that Jason was NOT going to propose in order to keep from getting my hopes up. I would tell myself to stop it! He is not going to so, forget about it and enjoy yourself! So I did. We had a great time hiking and spending time with the kids and his family.

I went off with Sheena Friday morning to go to the knit shop and wander around downtown. We went into this cute shop that just happened to have a row of Bridal gowns. I have been talking to Sheena a bit about getting married and such, so we went looking at the gowns. There was a scary rack of 1980’s rejects on sale for $99! lol Afterwards Jason met up with us and we all went to the Highlands to see a waterfall. This road was windy and Sheena and I were half sick when we got there. It was Jason, Sheena, me and the kids on another adventure.

We wandered down a million steps to the waterfall area.
Walking to see the waterfall

closer to the waterfall
I then asked Sheena to take our picture.

After we had taken our picture he turned to me and said, “wait one more thing…” “Danielle Lynn Carpenter…” and I freaked. I am pretty sure he asked me to marry him, but I was so shocked and happy and excited! The ring is beautiful.
The ring
I am so incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful man ask me to marry him.

We have talked about a date and have settled on March 27, 2010. I am a happy girl.

Happy girl

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