Yard Work

Jason took the day off today (mostly) and we rented a pressure washer from good ol’ Ace Hardware. Jason spent THE WHOLE DAY pressure washing the house, the porches, lawn chairs, by 6pm he was spraying anything and everything. While he was doing that I had Lorelei in the Moby and Nora (crying and whining) outside taking everything off the porch by the shed, picking up trash, picking up sticks, and raking leaves. We took a couple of breaks, but for the most part we were out there all day and we are still not done. The house is shiny though!

We MUST put this house up for sale, like NOW, but we still aren’t ready to do it. Noah came home at the usual time and started helping. He is a good helper. We watched as Jason made contraptions to pull down dead tree limbs for us to drag to the burn pile. We put Lorelei in the blue stroller and Nora entertained her until she fell asleep and we listened to Nora cry because she didn’t want to help, she wanted to watch a movie. Then she cried because she got poked by an aloe plant. This girl is always crying for some reason. At 5pm or so I realized that we needed to eat soon, but I was covered in dirt and sweat and now so was the baby. I decided to hop in the shower with her and since this was our 3rd time taking a shower together without any help I managed to also shampoo and condition my hair. Woot! Now, not everything gets washed, but the important parts do and that’s what I hear in my head; that chick from the movie Eat, Pray, Love speaking broken english with a thick Italian accent (seen in the clip below).

Once we ate pizza ordered from Dominoes (I soo wanted Red Elephant) we decided that we needed to go through the kid’s toys. I am a great organizer, but I seriously cannot go through their toys. I am overwhelmed and a little too much on their side when it comes to keeping most of them, so I enlisted Jason’s help. But! It is hilarious to hear Jason tell the kids that they don’t need to hold onto this “junk” because of his personal experience with keeping everything. We managed to go through Noah’s toys and get rid of some things, but with Nora’s stuff we just cleaned up. By then it was 9pm and to be continued. I’m already thinking of different ways to keep their toys and books differently in the new house. I won’t be able to do anything until we get there and live in the space for a little while, but I have a few good ideas brewing.

This morning when Jason started pressure washing, a bug guy was next door and we made an appt for him to come spray our house too. We also called around for junk removal places and decided on a more cost effective route. Progress people! The whole time I was raking and picking up leaves I was grumbling about how we should have been doing this all along and we had better take much better care of the new house. This house is going to be so pretty and cleaned up and then (hopefully) we are going to sell it! Only a month and a half to go. Can we do it? YES WE CAN! lol

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