Yarn is my friend

I found this really cheap, yet really nice yarn in “Sunburst” especially for dishcloths. I have made a few items (for Christmas) already and decided to follow my first pattern. It was mostly alternating between the purl stitch and the knit stitch, but each line was different for four lines…repeat. I still make my stitches a bit too tight, but can recognize more quickly now when I make boo boos. I have another pattern which is a little more difficult that I plan to begin soon. Some say I am a bit obsessed, but it is so fun and soothing to create and feel the softness of the yarn. :o)

We went to the Tampa Ikea on Saturday (holy crap it was packed!) and shot over to possibly the ONLY yarn store in Central Florida. It was called Knit n’ Knibble. They have classes too and on this particular Saturday this store was also packed. I was searching for a particular yarn, but fell in love with this Japanese yarn that was $20! I had to have Jason put it back for me because I couldn’t resist it! I also had to keep telling myself that I could come back, the store is only an hour away. It’s not like we were in NC or OR and I needed to grab what I could.

I have found that two of my friends knit and have been knitting for a while now. I have been thinking of having a little get together to get other friends addicted to knitting. I know enough to get myself into trouble, so it would be fun to start others on this obsession. I will be going to Indiana this weekend and actually look forward to the plane ride, since I am sure to get a lot done on my projects!

Sunburst dishcloth for Jason

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  1. FPC has a knitting class (or just get together) on Mondays at 10 am and during the summer they have a class for needlework, crocheting and knitting on Wednesdays from 9:30-11 am.

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