You are now free to move about the country

I am in my last week of school with really just one final that I actually have to prepare for. Then I get a week and a half break before one summer class that will last 7 weeks. Then I will have an almost two month break before Noah and I both go back to school. He will be starting Kindergarten in August. He has grown so much this year. It almost makes me sad, but happy at the same time. I think VPK has really helped him prepare for school, both academically and behaviorally. The kids have been with Patrick for a month now. They don’t really understand why I keep bringing them back to Daddy’s instead of keeping them for a while. Good things have happened though. I have learned to let go a little. Patrick and Trish have stopped babying Nora so much. Noah has seen his Dad grow up a little and both are controlling their actions better. The kids have learned that Daddy’s house is also “home”. I have learned what it is like to be the sometimes parent, so essentially understand now what Patrick was feeling all this time. We won’t have the new schedule start until June, so I still expect to see some changes within Patrick’s household. In May, Jason and I will visit NC and at the end of May I am going for a quick visit to see my good friend Syndi in Indiana. I have never traveled so much! If only my friends would stay put. :oP

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