You are the best thing

Jason is going to be gone all next week to a youth camp chaperoning the boys from our church. I am excited for him since I have been off on two adventures already this year. I will miss him terribly. I see him every day at work too! It will be very strange to work without him there especially with Bobby around more and Sivilli (new employee and friend) at the office.

I am planning on going to the beach probably Wednesday with my mom and the kids. That should break up the week a bit. I have plans to get some painting done while he is gone too.

I have bought two plants. I have been wanting to see some life growing around the yard besides ants and the ridiculously tall grass. I do NOT have a green thumb, so I am starting slowly with Coleus which I think is pretty hard to kill. I also got a small plant at Publix of all places which resembles Jade, so pretty. I am bringing that to the office though.

Jason’s patience amazes me. Nora will scream and scream that she wants (fill in the blank) and he just ignores her or tells her to clean her room or go to bed whichever it is she is supposed to be doing. It doesn’t bother him a bit. They aren’t even his children. They are mine and I want to run far far away from the never-ending screaming (I am currently hiding in the bedroom writing this post) and he’s out in the dining room finishing the floor. He never ceases to amaze me. I keep waiting for the explosion or for him to snap in some way, but he has total self control. When he does lose his patience it is over in a second with no harm done.

Noah asked me today if Daddy and I still argue even though we are friends. I know what he is getting at because when Patrick is gone for a while he thinks (in his little boy mind) that if Patrick and I aren’t arguing we will live together again. I am trying to explain that yes we still argue and sometimes friends don’t get along so they stop hanging out (trying to explain relationships to a five year old without giving him too much info) I want to show him that things are better and ask him if Jason and I argue? He says no. When he is older I will explain the three day conversation thing. Do Daddy and Trish argue? I naively expect him to say no again, but he pipes in with yes. Ok. Bad example. He then gets preoccupied with something else and talking to Nora, so there went that opportunity.

I want to show Noah, because he has seen more than a little boy should, that life can be very good. Life can be sweet and full. It is only shown with time though. He also continues to ask when we are moving? We are not moving. He so wants Jason to pack up his stuff and our stuff and move into an apartment or to Jason’s Dad’s house or PA. You aren’t supposed to move so much! Staying in one place for years is a good thing! Still, only time will show him and hopefully calm his restless spirit. If he wants to backpack through Europe or go on Missions trips or move to different states that is fine. I do think everyone should live in another state before they settle down in a place they call home, but not out of compulsion. Not because they can’t sit still. Life can be fast paced without destroying yourself in the process. Only time will tell and hopefully we are given that time.

I have filed with the court to modify the visitation. I don’t have a court date yet, but having the schedule go back and forth like that was hard on me and harder on the kids. Hopefully Patrick stays in PA. He is already telling the kids that they will be visiting him for Christmas. I hope so. Let him do what he went there to do so that he is successful and stays in PA. Again, only time will tell.

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  1. You should have the kids visit PA on July 10th-16th. lol jkiiing umm but you have a blow up mattress thing?

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